Monday, January 24, 2011

Pentagon Employees Purchased Child Pornography

According to CNET, NSA contractors and other Pentagon officials have been recognized as purchasing and downloading child pornography over the internet.  A newspaper article from the Boston Globe have reported the alleged criminal behaviors of those with high-level security clearance working for government agencies such as National Security Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  An undisclosed number of people who used their government computers to obtain the illegal material, according to    

The investigation was conducted designated as Operation Flicker.  The story is currently being reported by CNN and Foxnews.  Ironically, ICE (Immigration and Customs) had been investigating who had paid money over the internet to access child pornograpy and the sweep collected information on 5,000 people in 60 sting operations and involving 18 child porn sites in the article. Several dozen worked for the Pentagon intelligence services. 

Sadly, according to reports the ICE division had given their reports to officials in 2006.  While just a few days ago, reports of an ex-Pentagon official receiving the maximum sentence for child pornography. reports that reserve officer, Scottie Lee Martinez, 38 was given 80 years by Judge Jerome B. Friedman.  Martinez had plead guilty to producing child pornography and abusive sexual misconduct with a minor.  
  • Martinez admitted that in 2009 he produced sexually explicit images of two minors, ages 5 and 11. He also admitted that he molested a child, who was between 7 and 9, at Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland, between 2001 and 2004.
  • Martinez's crimes came to light when an Air Force officer discovered child pornography on a computer network at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, and it was traced to Martinez's computer. Martinez had been stationed in Norfolk before leaving for Qatar.
  • At the time of his arrest, Martinez was a Navy Reserve lieutenant commander serving as a senior intelligence officer with the Pentagon's Office of Military Commissions.


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  2. i am not trying to excuse Scottie , BUT , when he was caught he said he felt relieved , he said he knew his actions was wrong and that he pleaded guilty to ALL charges because " HE DIDN'T WANT HIS WIFE TO HAVE TO GO TO PRISON , THERE WAS NOW REASON FOR BOTH OF THEM TO BE ARRESTED " . I HAD TRIED TO BRING IT TO THE JUDGES ATTENTION THAT THE PICTURE AND VIDEOS HAD TO OF BEEN TAKEN BY ANOTHER PERSON IN THE SAME ROOM WHILE THE CRIMES ALL TOOK PLACE ! , Gindy Martinez was the one who put her own child in the shower with Scottie and herself !! Scottie was NOT the first man involved in the sad sad acts with the child - HE WAS JUST THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT CAUGHT ! Scotties wife told him to plea guilty and that HER name had better NOT come up . Gindy also promised Scottie that she would BUY his freedom and at the time they did have a lot of money put away , and i'm not talking chunck change either . Gindy was a bar tender when the two met and it was Scottie who had gotten his wife the job at the Pentagon . up until then Gindy was a single mother and i'm NOT talking about her being MOTHER OF THE YEAR either , Gindy seems to have a problem staying off the nose candy and even a bigger problem laying the bottle down . the very first weekend AFTER Scottie did what his wife ordered him to do , Gindy had a man living in Scottie's home , sleeping in Scottie's bed and riding around on Scottie's Harley !OH and before i forget - the night the feds went in to raid their home , Gindy had already gotten rid of her 2 lap tops which had the same thing and more that Scottie had on his . Scottie also stated that "IT WAS LIKE A SICKNESS , THEY HAD TO KNOW THEY COULD TOUCH THEIR COMPUTERS AT ALL TIMES ! ". Scottie finally saw that his wife was only wanting him to plead guilty to ALL charges so that he would not be in her way and she could move on with her freedom . The Scottie that i know would have not of touched a child , Gindy had the sickness about molesting children way before she met Scottie and still does to this day , but since family finally got someone to listen to us about Gindy's part she played in the roll which was mostly to video so she could watch it on her own lap top . out of all the write ups on Scottie , there hasn't been any mention on WHO WAS BEHIND THE CAMERAS ! Come on people - think about it , it's NOT that hard , there would be no way that any man could try to have sex with ANYONE and have to get up and down to move that camera around . Gindy has moved to Warner Robbins ,Ga. and still holds a gov. job making 95 grand a year . did i mention that she now has a new boyfriend named Sage living in her home and the said child has gone to child family and children services because she saw that he mom was GROOMING her little sister by texting the youngest daughters nude pics to other men . Scottie is paying for what he has done , my question is WHY IN THE HELL HAVEN'T THEY ARRESTED GINDY ? The oldest daughter has already told on her mom , they did take both the children from Gindy , but that only brings another question to mind - WHY IS'NT GINDY BEHIND BARS ? the feds is satisfied to have one parent i guess . other people gets 10 years , Scottie got 80 , why is that ?even if Scottie was back on the streets he would not be able to hold his head up in public , the probation officers would have him under lock and key in wherever he chose to live and THAT"S punishment for the rest of his life. people talk about things they know nothing about except for what they read in the papers and we ALL know how much crap that's made up in the papers . why isn't someone out there protesting about Gindy ? We need to get Gindy OFF the streets - i can back up everything i have said . I still don't excuse what Scottie did but there's another KNOWN pedifile out there in Warner Robbins , GA.

  3. lets NOT forget the mother Gindy Mann Hollifield ,AND many other names before she married Martinez - THATS the one who should have gotten the 80 years - NOT Scottie !!!!! SHE - the mother is the one who dressed her daughter for all the MOVIES and PICTURES she took of her husband and daughter !!! the same child has been molested since the age of 2 while in the care of Gindy Martinez who has moved to Fl. with her mother /the childs own father Jody Mann left the country to keep Gindy from spilling her guts on him after she was ready to divorce Jody for yet ANOTHER MAN ! these are ALL facts . you people need to open your eyes and see whats REALLY going on here. THE MOTHER OF SAID CHILD WAS BEHIND IT ALL ( I typed that part slow so you could read it all ) Gindy Martinez also worked in the Pentagon ( putting on nail polish because she only knows how to do dope and pour vodka ) and Judy Frey Kanard , Craig < kilby , Frey < Rivers is also a pedophile !!!! along with Sage ( no I aint talking about seasoning either )! get you head out of your rear ends Federal people and put those 3 people away for good so our children can be safe!

  4. as I sit here wondering why the feds have not called me to say they have arrested Gindy Martinez , Jody Mann the mother and faher of said child for their part in raping their own daughter since the age of 2 . what kind of proof do they need ? I have already presented them with lap tops that Gindy Martinez thought she had exposed of for good but just not good enough because I was able to get my hands on those lap tops , they also had videos of Gindys boyfriend Sage ( no not the spice - the boyfriend ) . then we have Judy Fry Rivers who allowed he 1 year old son to be kept by the father of the baby whom Judy confided in me that she knew Tommy Kilby was molesting her baby but and I quote "SHE HAD TO LET THE BABY GO TO TOMMY'S BECAUSE IF SHE DIDN'T , SHE WOULDN'T GET THE CHID SUPPORT ". what is wrong with the laws people ? they have evidence of child porn and child molestation but yet they wont make an arrest of everyone involved ? REALLY ? can someone help me to understand how a Bar Maid landed a job at the Pentagon ? and then because Scottie took full blame Gindy walks free ? REALLY . I can rove everything I sy but yet these perverts are still walking the streets ( latterly walking the streets ) and have raised more child molesters !!! it is a cycly and somewhere someon has got to sto it NOW !!

  5. Do to harassment and bullying I am respectfully requesting that the comments be removed from this blog please.