Friday, December 17, 2010

Federal Report Shows Drop In Child Abuse

In recent years, the decline of child sexual abuse has been dramatically down since the 1990's.  In the much publicized media of priest molestations and the ramifications of prosecution and civil suits, the obvious message is that it will not be tolerated by society.  The campaign against child abuse has been strong since emergence of horror stories of maltreatments.  In, they attribute the statistics of 58% decline on child sexual abuse since 1992 to 2008.  Statistics are relatively the same for child neglect as the highest form of child abuse at 78% for the newest findings reported by the federal report.  The Washington Post reflects on David Finkelhor's suggestion that the decline might be attributed to cuts in spending for investigations.

If neglect is the higher rate for child abuse, the systematic neglect of our nation's monetary state might increase these statistics as many parents are overburdened with the prospects of just putting food on their plates.  Many parents work two jobs, struggle at the grocery stores, have bills collecting and no relief in sight.  If a parent is ill equipped than the child generally suffers.  It may be an emerging trend and in my opinion many are not truthful about their own economic positions in life, perhaps living beyond their means but will the children suffer for this generations compulsions of reckless spending, from government to households.

Monday, December 13, 2010

An Era of Change

Elizabeth Smart's father, Ed had told Matt Lauer that she wants to be a voice for other victims and will pursue law school in hopes of being a prosecutor.  Shortly after the verdict was read in the trial against Brian David Mitchell, she said, "she was proof that there is life after a painful past."  With the support of her family, Elizabeth Smart has made the shift from victim to survivor.  The crime that occurred with the abduction of Elizabeth from her bedroom is rare in contrast to the numbers of children victimized by most child abusers.  As newer statistics show that about 90 % of child victims knew their perpetrators in some form or fashion.  Therefore, the other 10 percent is often the concept of random crimes and often confused with the regular violence against children.

Some child abductions have become parental custody issues, which complicates the legal proceedings for many victims of child sexual abuse as confusion in the system occurs.  Parents abusing their children with manipulation is often the undercurrent of those kids who are suffering from family sexual abuse.  National statistics have shown that CSA has declined over the years since the onset of awareness during the Eighties.  According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (, estimate a 40% decline since 1992 to 2000 in the article written by David Finkelhor and Lisa M. Jones.  Leaders on Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention have helped and made small strides to a now commonly known epidemic.  The researchers of the last few decades have become extremely knowledgeable and more or less have let child victims arise from the battle fields.

An article from addresses stranger abductions.  For those who want to learn about instincts in criminal confrontations, The Gift of Fear by leading securities expert, Gavin de Becker is another great resource.  Statistical information and support can also be found at The National Center for Victims of Crime website.  The first and foremost, healing must come from family or families of choice in support, for harmful secrets must come to light.  Elizabeth Smart's tribulations have been an inspiration for many others to see that truth and justice can prevail.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Breaking News: Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper found guilty, faces life in prison - National missing persons |

A very brave young lady has found her truth and validation as the verdict came in on her perpetrator in court.  Elizabeth Smart's captor found guilty of kidnapping and transporting a minor across state lines for sexual purposes in Federal Court.  

CBS News on Youtube on Guilty Verdict

Article 12/10/2010