Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My ☺ Random ♥ Video ♫

Music by Jah Cure Unconditional Love and Damian Marley & Nas ft. Lil Wayne & Joss Stone My Generation.  

I am astounded by the beauty of character and infants, babies and children have unyielded character. If it is given a safe environment to expand on that very natural state of mind and nature's composition of smiles, serenity and sweetness shall carry us all further in the universal thing called love.

We ♥ Youtube

In today's technological era, the learning skills are abundant and rapidly paced for the youngest of our species.  It is critical that adults learn in a similar manners that children of today utilize.  One major 21st century learning tool is Youtube.  Countless of four or five minute video bits of everything under the sun, from random acts of insanity to home video footage, self made montages, to public service announcements to clips of anything on the regular tube, to pubic and publicity topics, Youtube redefined our generation as well as the next.  It's all about what entertains or teaches us in the grand-scale planetary visions that crosses our screens and eyesights.

I admire, laugh, shock and frustrate over some of the things viewed via Youtube but would never wish to see the sight close due to confined or uptight business regulations.  Yet, I'm sure someone is looking to close this loop hole and so for now, enjoy what we have in the information highway of worldwide broadcasts.  For a five year old company, Youtube has probably exceeded a trillion video uploads and still counting.

Youtube Statistics:

  • #4 Largest Site on the Internet
  • #1 Largest video site on the web
  • 300MM Worldwide Visitors a Month
  • 100 Million Visitors per Month
  • 5 Billion Video Streams Every month – 40% of all videos online
  • (Do the Math – 5 Billion / 300 million worldwide visitors = 17 streams a month per person)
  • 15 Hours of video uploaded every minute

I am a big fan of the Did You Know series and sharing this one: