Friday, December 17, 2010

Federal Report Shows Drop In Child Abuse

In recent years, the decline of child sexual abuse has been dramatically down since the 1990's.  In the much publicized media of priest molestations and the ramifications of prosecution and civil suits, the obvious message is that it will not be tolerated by society.  The campaign against child abuse has been strong since emergence of horror stories of maltreatments.  In, they attribute the statistics of 58% decline on child sexual abuse since 1992 to 2008.  Statistics are relatively the same for child neglect as the highest form of child abuse at 78% for the newest findings reported by the federal report.  The Washington Post reflects on David Finkelhor's suggestion that the decline might be attributed to cuts in spending for investigations.

If neglect is the higher rate for child abuse, the systematic neglect of our nation's monetary state might increase these statistics as many parents are overburdened with the prospects of just putting food on their plates.  Many parents work two jobs, struggle at the grocery stores, have bills collecting and no relief in sight.  If a parent is ill equipped than the child generally suffers.  It may be an emerging trend and in my opinion many are not truthful about their own economic positions in life, perhaps living beyond their means but will the children suffer for this generations compulsions of reckless spending, from government to households.

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